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Welcome to the Circle M Tire & Automotive blog! Our blog supplies helpful info, tips, and wisdom about auto repair, fleet maintenance, and more. Whether you're a car buff or want to learn more about keeping your car in top shape, our blog has something for everyone. We cover many subjects, so check back often for the latest updates, auto mechanic secrets, and valuable tips. If there's a topic you'd like us to cover, please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know!

Do You Want To Save Up On Maintenance And Repairs?

Repair shop visits are not among our favorite activities as car owners, but they are sometimes necessary.This is especially true if the car isn't properly maintained or if symptoms of problems are ignored. If you make sure the car is checked regularly and serviced, serious visits will become less frequent. That's why we have put together a short list of things you can do to save on those extra visits. Continue reading to find out more.

Take Care Of Warning Lights On Time

Your vehicle's dashboard is home to a lot of lights, including some that warn you of problems. Some of them are the check engine light, low tire pressure warning, brake system warning, battery symbol, and more. While they are a lot, the thing that unites them is that they shouldn't be ignored, especially if flashing.

Check-Up On Your Tires

Everyone knows that tires are very important. Not only for your grip on the road but for your safety. Everything from tread level to alignment plays a big role in the tire's ability to function properly. Make sure to keep an eye on them, check them routinely, and change them in accordance with the season. All of this will make sure they don't cause problems and keep you safe.

Keep And Eye On Fluid Levels

Fluid levels can be checked with either dipsticks or level indicators if the fluid storage tank is transparent. Keeping an eye on them will make sure they have enough in there for your vehicle to function properly. This especially applies to the cooling system and coolant - and if you continue to top it off, make sure to visit a repair shop for an inspection.

Don't Ignore Weird Noises

Noise will always catch your attention, no matter where you are or what you are doing. This also applies to your vehicle, but they are commonly overlooked and ignored. Make sure to have them checked out by a mechanic the moment you hear something weird - it can save you a lot of headaches and money.

Vehicle Repairs And Maintenance In Bakersfield, CA!

Is your trusty vehicle in need of some repairs? Or maybe ordinary maintenance. Whatever it is, our team at Circle M Tire & Automotive has got you covered! We will make sure to get you back on the road ASAP!